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Susan was amazing in organizing and facilitating a multitude of stressful transitions for two of my immediate family members. Susan’s knowledge of the health care system, hospice , assisted living facilities, health and long term care insurance and geriatrics was instrumental in directing me, on the best path for my loved ones. Susan takes a no-nonsense approach sprinkled with love. Sometimes you need to raise the white flag in life and let a professional step in. Peace & Love to all the patients and their families during their journeys.

Susan McPhail Taylor is an effective and knowledgeable RN patient advocate. Currently our family is working with her, with one of our family memebers. Her sense of urgency and her dedication are wonderful. She is a pleasure to work with. 

When our aunt in Florida required support, Susan was there to help us manage her needs. As our aunt’s closest relatives, and holders of power of attorney, it was difficult for us to ensure she was receiving the care she deserved from our location in Germany. We were extremely lucky when Susan was recommended to us as a patient advocate. In this role, she has helped with our aunt’s move to an assisted living facility as well as putting us in contact with the appropriate resources for managing the resulting estate. Following the move, Susan continued her role by managing insurance and various physicians, so we know monetary resources are being used to best serve our loved one long-term. What’s more, during our visits to the US she made sure our time was used efficiently by overseeing the planning of meetings with various doctors and caregivers so we were able to maximize our time with our aunt. Susan was invaluable during her three years of service to our family, and we highly recommend her to anyone seeking an advocate for themselves or for a loved one. 

Susan knows more about how to care for and equip families to take care of their loved ones. And the fact that she is a nurse is amazing!

Susan is hands on, super organized, and treats her patients like family. Everyone should have someone like her in his/her corner navigating the present health care system.

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