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About Your Advocate

With extensive education and experience in healthcare,
a Nurse By Your Side is exactly what you need.

10 Things You Need to Know

About Susan


  1. Susan has over 40 years of clinical and leadership experience in a variety of healthcare settings.
  2. Susan is a Registered Nurse with a Graduate degree in Healthcare Administration, and has multiple certifications in Mediation, Leadership, and Communication.
  3. Susan is one of the few Board Certified Patient Advocates in the US.
  4. Susan can talk the healthcare “lingo” (both clinical and business) and interpret to be sure you understand options.
  5. Susan is not shy. She will jump in to identify your needs and help you cut through the red tape to get those needs met through win-win solutions.
  6. Susan is easy to talk with, and accepting of various points of view.
  7. Susan works 1:1 with her clients. No middle men or other staff.
  8. Susan works on behalf of no one but YOU!  This allows neutrality and no organization or insurance company to report to.
  9. Susan is an “out of the box” thinker with repeated testings showing that she has equally strong analytical and creative skills.
  10. Susan focuses on win-win solutions that are aimed at meeting your needs.

I originally graduated from St. Vincent’s Hospital School of Nursing, received my Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from the University of North Florida, a Masters in Healthcare Administration from Central Michigan University, and graduate studies in Counseling at the University of South Florida.

Patient Advocacy Affiliation

RN Patient Advocates of Central Florida, LLC works with the following organizations to maintain the best and most up-to-date resources on health care trends and news.
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